Spring Gardens Moravian Church

In essentials - Unity * In non-essentials – Liberty * In all things - Love

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Welcome to the Spring Gardens Moravian Church. We are happy that you could join us. Today, we want to tell you that Jesus loves you. In Jeremiah 31:3, God speaks through the prophet, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Always remember you are worthy of His love. If you are ever in our area we invite you to come visit us and share God’s love.

Our Mission

By the grace of God we seek to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ without distinction. We will use all that we possess to call all the peoples to the truth of the gospel through Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship and Service.

People Called Moravians

God has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. As sons and daughters of the Most High we seek to walk aright. We give ourselves and all that we own, God's glory to pro-claim. Moravians near and far let us glorify God's name.

Provincial Theme - ADVANCE THE KINGDOM

The Kingdom of God is not stagnant. It is dynamic and it must and will grow. The Kingdom of God, because of its core values and governing principles, is constantly under attack. As a result of this, kingdom citizens are frequent-ly in warfare against "principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places." It is incumbent upon citizens of the kingdom to sharpen and commit to memory, knowledge and understanding of the kingdom as tools for spiritual warfare. As we stand in allegiance to the Lamb, the ultimate aim is to expand the kingdom principles through discipleship.


All disciples of Jesus should engage in evangelism. Many of us think evange-lism is a complex phenomenon re-served for ministers of the Gospel. Not so! Evangelism is one disciple telling a nonbeliever about Jesus. In doing so, we contribute to the ad-vancement of the Kingdom of God. We become KINGDOM CITIZEN’s through Birth and Adoption (Con-version) Ephesians 1:5. We must therefore: 1. PRESENT OURSELVES (Romans 12:1-2), 2. CALL OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS INTO THE KING-DOM OF GOD (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 16:25-40) and 3. BE OUR BROTHERS' KEEPER (Matthew 25:31-40).


The Rites of the Moravian Church are CONFIRMATION, MARRIAGE AND ORDINATION. Celebration of the rites follows a liturgical form set forth in the hymnal or liturgy book. They are meant to be used as a means of affirming the Christian faith and dedicating oneself to a way of life consistent with that faith. The clergy are trained and set apart to admin-ister these rites as servants of God and ministers of the Church. The Moravian Church recognizes the sacraments of BAPTISM AND HOLY COMMUNION. Through baptism the individual receives a pledge of the forgiveness of sin and admission into the covenant of God through the blood of Christ. The Moravian Church does not try to define the mystery of Christ’s presence in the communion elements, but recognizes that the be-liever participates in a unique act of covenant with Christ as Savior and with other believers in Christ.

Our Vision

A Church Transformed - United - Victorious in Christ.