What we could conceive

The Moravians as the first Evangelical church in Antigua, have been able to accomplish many things for the glory of God. Like Jesus, we were always concerned for the poor and dispossessed. We expressed this social concern through the founding of the ‘Friendly Society’ in 1834. This helped with the burying of the dead, relieving those in distress, the poor and the aged. We are our brother’s keeper. We were also instrumental in establishing public institutions which carried on this work.

The Moravians were concerned about good family life. They encouraged family devotions. Some pastors would even walk through communities in the morning to listen to families at worship. The Moravians steadfastly promoted and encouraged the values of marriage. So serious was this concern, that an unusual practice developed (which may seem humorous to us today) of presenting a pig to every child born in wedlock.

In historical summation, the work of the Moravian Church has continued through many avenues to contribute to the life of the peoples and communities of Antigua.