Who we are

We are:

1st Protestant Church in the world

1st Missionary Church in the Caribbean

1st Church to build schools to educate our people          

The Spring Gardens Church was established on April 1, 1756 with its humble beginnings under a Sandbox tree. Through the years the church has grown from strength to strength in spite of its many challenges, “for we walk by faith and not by sight.”

    Sandbox Tree

Plaque under the Sandbox Tree

Spring Gardens is a member of the world wide unity of Moravians, also called the Unitas Fratrum. We are the largest Moravian Church in the Antigua Conference and we are situated on St. John’s Street, where the property extends across St. George’s Street to Dickenson Bay Street. The George Wall Westerby Memorial Complex stands directly west of the Church on St. George’s Street and houses the Tim O’Reilly Auditorium, the Church office as well as the Day care, Pre-school and After-school Program.

Old Church

The present church building was erected in 1964 to replace a wooden structure which served as the sanctuary for many years. Hurricane Luis (September 4th to 5th 1995) devastated both the Spring Gardens Manse and the Sanctuary. Worship was temporarily relocated to the Tim O’Reilly Auditorium in the George Wall Westerby Memorial Complex, while renovation works were being completed. We overcame every obstacle and completed the work. In 1997, we rededicated our Sanctuary to the glory of God.