Daughters of Lydia

The Daughters of Lydia was established in the year 1979 with a membership of twelve (12). Previous to its formation, a group of dedicated Church Women met and decided that there was a need for an organization such as ours. Our aims and objectives are mainly to assist in the promotion of the economic development of the Moravian Church in order to provide additional means by which the Church could grow in its spiritual, educational, social and cultural thrusts to meet the need of its congregants, the community at large and to render assistance where possible.

One of our main involvement as members of Daughters of Lydia is in fund raising activities. Monies received from these events are then given to the Church to meet its many obligations to its many members including its commitment to Christian Education and other challenges facing our youths, as we labour on taking the good news of salvation everywhere.

Our organization is not limited to members of the Spring Gardens Community and in fact some members worship elsewhere. Presently, the executive is comprised of:

President – Sonia Pereira

Vice President/Treasurer – Eileen Lynch

Assistant Treasurer – Janet Henry

Secretary – Dorothy Pelle

Advisor – Agnes Tomlinson

Our Other members include:

Karen Anthony

Cora Derrick

Camella Francis

Ada V. Henry

Elaine Carter

Cavelle John

Joycelyn John

Beverly King

Cheryl Lewis

Cerene Martin

Yvonne McKay

Wendy Pelle

Rev. Angela Roberts

Lenore Scholar

Gwendolyn Spencer

Letitia Challenger

Our Overseas members are:

Gwendolyn Francis

Elaine Merchant

Janet Grant

Our Honourary members are:

Madianna Baptiste

Girlette Semper

Ethlyn Wyre

Our Ex-Officio members are:

Cavelle John

Rev. Denise Smith-Lewis

The Daughters of Lydia group continues its work as our theme song encourages us to do “Toil on, Hope on, Watch on and Labour; Till the Master comes.” God has blessed us tremendously through the years, just to wake up in the mornings in our rightful minds is a wonderful blessing and so we give God thanks and praise for His mercies are new every day and His love endures forever.

The scripture declares in Psalm 92:1, “it is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD and to sing praises unto Thy name, O most High.”

May God continue to bless us and our organization, as we bear witness to Him.